70% of women choose the wrong sports bra? 4 ways to wear it correctly
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70% of women choose the wrong sports bra? 4 ways to wear it correctly

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70% of women choose the wrong sports bra? 4 ways to wear it correctly

Found a ladies sports bra that suits you


It's science, it's art


It's about your size, type of exercise, and your fitness dream


When choosing a ladies sports bra


What is your biggest worry


How to choose ladies sports bra


Adjustable shoulder straps for support


Compression cup can prevent chest movement during exercise


The racerback style facilitates full shoulder movement



If you only ask for support


You can choose seamless models to reduce friction and irritation


Ensure that it is quick-drying fiber to ensure dryness and comfort


Choose a ladies sports bra that can be worn


Wide suspender style, like a traditional bra


Helps distribute weight evenly


Choose a ladies sports bra with wires and cups


There are separate cups to support the breasts separately


Choose a bra that is fastened with buttons


Can be relieved more easily when tired and sweating


You can also adjust the size appropriately







Why wear a ladies sports bra


Shockproof: Any intensity of exercise can make womens breasts vibrate. If you dont wear a ladies sports bra during exercise, the vibration of your breasts will easily cause your breasts to sag.


Studies have shown that when women run 1,500 meters, their breasts will shake 135 meters. The violent swinging of the female breast may damage the elastic fiber tissue in the breast. Frequent violent swinging will cause permanent damage to the breast, resulting in sagging, sagging and deformation of the breast. Sports underwear can fix the chest from vibration.


Sweat absorption: You always have to sweat during exercise. If your body does not sweat well, it is easy to get skin inflammation. The fabric of sports underwear is generally high-elastic cotton, which has the functions of sweat absorption, ventilation, dehumidification and deodorization.


Convenient exercise: The sports underwear makes the breast and the body form a whole through the strong support in the style design and the full chest constriction, which can avoid the hindrance of the chest to the movement, facilitate the flexion and extension of the limbs, and exercise the body.


Girls who love running, bounce and other sports must wear a ladies sports bra. It can effectively reduce the shaking of the breast during exercise and reduce the impact on the breast. At the same time, it can absorb sweat and keep the skin dry.