American stars love to practice yoga, how do they buy yoga sets fitness?
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American stars love to practice yoga, how do they buy yoga sets fitness?

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American stars love to practice yoga, how do they buy yoga sets fitness?

As we all know, yoga is very popular in the United States. American stars like Lady Gaga, Dr. Oz, Robert Downey Jr. and Russell Simmons are all yoga. Lover. According to the US yoga market research, the number of yoga practitioners in the United States in 2016 was about 36 million, of which about 59% were active yoga practitioners (practice frequency more than once a week). From this set of data, it can be seen that the market capacity of yoga sets fitness in the United States is quite amazing. VINCROX, a yoga sets fitness brand, today shares with you how American yoga masters choose yoga sets fitness, focusing on the analysis of fabrics, styles and designs:

One, pick the fabric

When practicing yoga, the body will sweat a lot. Therefore, the first requirement of yoga clothes is good air permeability, but the range of yoga movements is relatively large, and the elasticity of yoga sets fitness should be good, so pure cotton, cotton and linen fabrics Not suitable for yoga clothes.

1.1 Polyester

Polyester is an important variety of synthetic fibers. Yoga clothes made from it have the texture of a swimsuit, which is light and cool. But the shortcomings are also obvious. The first is that it is not close to the body and it is inconvenient to do large movements. The second is that it does not absorb sweat and does not breathe. It is easy to smell of sweat after the yoga practice.

1.2, viscose

Viscose fiber, also called rayon and ice silk, is mainly cellulose fiber produced from cotton or wood fiber. It has very good moisture absorption, breathability and antistatic properties. It has the essence of cotton and the quality of silk. It is an authentic plant fiber.
However, traditional viscose fabrics have poor resilience. Such fabrics are easy to stretch after being worn for a long time, and their dimensional stability is very poor. However, in recent years, there is a kind of high-crimp and high-wet modulus viscose fiber, which has good curling and resilience, but the dyeing degree is slightly poor, and the color of the made yoga sets fitness will not be bright and beautiful.

1.3 Ice silk

Ice silk is an extension of viscose. Its moisture absorption and air permeability are better than ordinary viscose, and it has better shape retention and drape. yoga sets fitness made with it can not only bring a refreshing ice experience, It can also modify the body curve to facilitate various movements and high-intensity training.

The only disadvantage of ice silk is that it is hydrophilic, so it is easy to contaminate dirt, and some dirt can penetrate into the fiber. Therefore, yoga sets fitness made of ice silk fabric should not be worn for too long. If it is dirty, it should be cleaned with neutral softener in time. , Otherwise it will affect the wearing life.

1.4 Milk shreds

Milk silk is milk protein obtained by skimming and dewatering liquid milk, plus softener to make milk slurry, and then through wet spinning technology and scientific treatment, textile city milk protein fiber is a pure and healthy green fabric , Good skin-friendly, comfortable to wear.

Since its raw material is milk protein, it has a natural and long-lasting antibacterial function, and the active protein in the fiber also has a good moisturizing effect on human skin. It is currently the top-grade fabric in yoga sets fitness. Of course, easy wrinkling is also its shortcoming, and the friends of the Appearance Association should be cautious.

1.5 Lycra

Lycra cotton is currently one of the most widely used and best fabrics for yoga clothes. It is different from traditional pure cotton. It has a stretch of up to 500% and can be restored to its original shape. It can cope with various difficult and difficult yoga practices. Range action.
In addition, it is very close to the body, no matter what kind of yoga exercises will not make you worry about being gone, but under the excellent closeness, it has little restraint on the human body, and it feels more flexible when moving. In addition, it has a special chemical structure, it will not grow mold and emit peculiar smell after being wet, giving people a refreshing wearing experience.

Second, choose the style

2.1, pick the length

Although yoga is an indoor exercise, the length of the yoga sets fitness should not be too short in order to avoid catching cold. .
Especially the navel-bearing, chest-wrapped, short vest, and bikini styles, although these look fashionable and comfortable to wear, they tend to catch cold and increase the moisture and cold in the body. Therefore, professional yoga sets fitness must at least cover the belly button, the longer the better, so that even if you do a large range of movements, the length of the clothes can cover the waist.

2.2, pick sleeve length

The sleeve length of yoga sets fitness is generally determined according to your own preferences, but those who are just getting started are advised to wear sleeveless models, because this will make your shoulders better stretch out, and it will also facilitate yourself and your teacher to observe your arm delay The changes in muscle lines and the trajectory of the back scapula can better correct the posture.

Of course, in addition to personal preference, you must also choose according to the season. In the summer, the sleeveless vest is a more suitable choice. You can observe and clear your actions without getting sweaty. For autumn and winter, you can choose middle or long sleeves. As for the short-sleeved models, choose loose-fitting sleeves so that you will not pull your shoulders during the practice.

2.3, pick the tightness

The tightness of yoga sets fitness has been polarized in recent years. Some admire the style of big-sleeve bloomers, while some admire the tight-fitting style. In fact, for novices and students, it is better to choose close-fitting and tight yoga sets fitness, so that you can easily observe whether your own movements are standard and are also responsible for your own body.

Three, pick design

3.1, pick the color

Although we say that yoga sets fitness should look good, there are arguments when choosing colors. First of all, it is not recommended to choose too light color, such as white, cream, etc., because a lot of sweat will be caused during yoga practice, and light-colored clothing will cause it to run out.

In addition, you should not choose bright colors with too high brightness and high saturation, such as bright red, golden yellow, etc., because these colors are too jumping, garish, and easy to make people feel excited. Yoga practice first needs to relax the optic nerve and let The heart calms down quickly, gray, brown and Morandi colors will be more suitable for yoga practice.

3.2, pick chest pad

Chest pad is one of the design points of yoga sets fitness that need to be paid attention to, because there are a lot of strenuous exercises when doing yoga. If there is no chest pad, it is easy to cause chest muscle fiber strain, and it will also cause the chest to sag. With a chest pad yoga sets fitness can reduce sports injuries caused by improper operation.

If there is no chest pad in the purchased yoga clothes, it is recommended to prepare breast stickers or sports underwear, but do not wear underwear with steel rings, which will restrict the chest, violate the concept of yoga itself, and also hinder yoga movements. get on.

3.3 pick patterns

yoga sets fitness are generally in solid colors. If you want to choose yoga sets fitness with patterns, it is recommended to avoid printed patterns. With the increase in the range of body movements, the patterns will be distorted and distracted during the exercise. It is also inconvenient for everyone to observe the direction of their muscles and it is difficult to ensure that the movements are standard.

If you want to decorate, you can choose small patterns such as lines, polka dots, squares, etc., which are fashionable and slim, and more importantly, they won't cause visual errors like large prints. Of course, when choosing a pattern, you should pay attention to the line not to be too thick, so that it will look very unsightly when stretched.

The male to female ratio of yoga practitioners in the United States is 14, and fashionable women still occupy the mainstream position in the market. When developing new products for yoga sets fitness in the US market, it is necessary to grasp the psychological needs of women, such as color, style, and price, as a key consideration.