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How to choose a lycra yoga set that suits you

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How to choose a lycra yoga set that suits you

There are too many lycra yoga sets on the market now, and the prices are high and low, but I adhere to the concept of "you get what you pay for", and you will have the quality at the price you buy. In fact, I think the most important thing to choose a lycra yoga set is to choose according to your own needs. Don’t do what others say. The following is a summary of the main points of my choice of lycra yoga set. I hope it can be helpful to everyone.

customized lycra yoga set
The fabric should be comfortable and breathable
Because you practice yoga, your body will sweat a lot. If your lycra yoga set is dull and airtight, the taste will be wonderful. It is recommended not to choose pure cotton and cotton linen. Because cotton and linen are breathable but not contractible, this is not very suitable for yoga! It is recommended to choose "spandex" fabrics and Lycra fabrics. This kind of fabric generally has better breathability and faster moisture absorption. So when choosing a lycra yoga set, you can look at their fabric composition and make a choice.
Design to fit
It is generally not recommended that you choose a loose lycra yoga set for yoga practice, because loose clothes are really super inconvenient. As long as you have a class, you will know that this feeling is so uncomfortable. Although the loose lycra yoga set is no problem for you to perform horizontal and backbend asanas, but if you want to stand upside down and other anti-gravity asanas, what will happen if it is loose and the lycra yoga set does not It is recommended to choose a loose, it is best to choose the kind of body shaping. Because the professional lycra yoga set can more easily see the line, state and direction of the muscles. The professional lycra yoga set is designed in conjunction with the stretch of yoga itself. More to achieve the effect of training. Wearing too loose trousers, then you will not be able to know whether your knees are overstretched and whether the muscles of the upper and lower legs are moving in order. And this is very unfavorable for practicing you.
Try to choose according to the principle of short-sleeved trousers
Because we go from warm-up to asana training, this also takes a little time. So if we wear short sleeves or vests, there may be some people who are prone to catch colds. So short-sleeved trousers, this way can not only meet your heat dissipation needs, but will not cause a burden on your body. Don't be greedy for the cold for a while, and do something harmful to your body.