Sports bra, are you wearing it right?
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Sports bra, are you wearing it right?

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Sports bra, are you wearing it right?

Sports bras can now be said to be the most fashionable styles of bras. If you dont have two in your underwear cupboard, you wont even be qualified to talk about fashion.




Not to mention that there have been several brands that specialize in the design and sales of sports bras and have a booming business. The most representative ones are luluemon. Some brands that used to be famous for making sexy bras, such as Victoria's Secret, have already launched sports series. Sports bras are of course the best protagonist-it shows the fashion status of sports bras. There are also many bra brands that will launch one or two sports models every season; even for ordinary basic bras, more and more sports bra elements are used.






European and beautiful stars love Luluemon




If the sports bra is well done, it can really sell better than the basic bra.




In fact, sports bras are not a new thing. They have existed for many years, but the previous design is too old-fashioned. It only emphasizes functionality. There is only one starting point, which is to reduce the damage caused by the vibration of the chest during exercise. Therefore, The common design method is to squash the chest!




Such a sports bra not only does not show femininity, but rather eliminates it. After a woman wears it, it almost becomes a man. The appearance of the bra itself is not much different from that of a male sportswear. This naturally doesn't get the favor of many women, let alone the interest of discussion.






Three traditional sports bra styles




In addition to practical functions, what else can sports bras do? Is it possible? Regarding these issues, designers and producers did not think enough in the past, and distributors did not advertise enough, so that many women are ignorant about whether they should wear sports bras. They either dont wear bras at all or wear the wrong style or size when exercising. Or you are still wearing a normal bra that does not provide special protection. So, lets popularize the first common sense first——









Does every woman need a sports bra?





The answer is extremely yes.




Some people may think, "Oh, no, I am an A-cup (or B-cup) girl, and I dont need to wear a sports bra."




This is definitely a wrong understanding. Even for A-cup women, there will be a vibration amplitude of 4 cm in the chest during exercise. The larger the breast size, the greater the vibration amplitude. G-cup women may have up to 14 cm of vibration during exercise. What is the concept of 14 cm? The length of an iPhone 6 Plus phone!







Everyone feel...




Female breasts are actually rare organs in the human body that do not have any muscles. They don't like to be upset. If it is repeatedly shaken without special protection, its ligaments are extremely easy to damage. If the thoracic ligament is really injured, not only can it no longer be repaired, nor can it be strengthened through exercise. If it is destroyed, it will be destroyed. Therefore, even when doing less intense exercises, such as climbing and walking, you should wear a suitable sports bra to help reduce the swing of your chest.






It's best to wear a sports bra when hiking in the mountains




What happens if you dont wear it? What will happen? This is actually what I want to warn female friends most here: if the ligaments connecting the thoracic cavity to the chest are not supported for a long time, gravity will eventually cause changes in breast position and the worst case-sagging.




There are often female friends who write to me privately, worrying about their sagging breasts and expanding outwards, and seek my advice and help. In fact, a simple and easy solution is: quickly put on a sports bra. Then...









What kind of sports bra should I choose





1. Style: Different breast shapes should choose different design styles




In principle, women with small breasts should choose a compressed style, which is usually a one-piece style with no seams in the middle. This style will flatten your breasts, just keep them close to each other to prevent shaking during exercise.






One piece sports bra




Women with big breasts should choose a style with separate cups. Separate cups usually have elements that strengthen support, such as specially added stitches, so that the left and right breasts stay in the cup to reduce the amplitude of vibration.




2. Fabric: no more pure cotton sports bra




Nowadays, there are very few sports bras made of pure cotton, because pure cotton has too strong ability to absorb sweat, it will become heavy after being wet with sweat; when it is soaked, it will cling to the body and look ugly and exercise. cause inconvenience.







Which underwear should be in a woman's wardrobe?




If you see a sports bra in the market that look like a sports bra, and can use pure cotton fabric, then even if it looks like a sports bra, it must be just an ordinary basic bra made from sports bra elements, and it cannot be a real sports bra.




Real sports bras must be made of chemical fiber fabrics with strong water absorption function, and fabrics with different sweat absorption strengths are used according to different sweat amounts of different sports.




3. Workmanship: can not cause any discomfort to the skin




Usually sports bras are made of more than double layers of fabric. If they are made well, pay special attention to the seams on the inner side not to be too hard or too thick, so that they wont bother you when they are close to the skin. The more high-quality sports bra, the more it should make you unaware of its existence, it seems to be a part of your body.




If there are zippers or clasps on the sports bra, choose the one that does not directly touch the skin to avoid skin sensitivity or discomfort.




Finally, we want to talk about the support of sports bras in particular-









Choose a bra according to the type of sports hobby





Choosing different sports intensity bras according to your sports type and hobbies is a new concept of sports bras in recent years. Because different sports, such as marathon and Pilates, or yoga, the amplitude and direction of the chest vibration are different.




More and more sports bra manufacturers have noticed this, and have begun to develop sports bras for different types of sports by studying the impact of sports on the body, allowing sports-loving women to make more detailed choices. For example, in a marathon, the chest vibrates greatly, and the vibration direction is up and down; while in yoga, the chest is mainly stretched.








Generally speaking, sports bras have developed three different support strengths (support): light, medium and high; each strength is subdivided into low, medium, and high three types of coverage and support After various permutations and combinations, it can adapt to a variety of sports. Generally speaking, the higher the degree of support + coverage, the higher the fitness intensity and the amount of sweat. E.g:




Light support + low coverage, suitable for yoga


Low support + medium coverage, suitable for general fitness


Medium support + medium coverage, suitable for general running and jumping


High support + medium coverage, suitable for long-distance running






Sports bra grading support




The price of such a subdivided sports bra is definitely higher than that of general sports bras, or even much higher, but the protective effect on the body is self-evident. I have always believed that when consuming items that are directly related to our bodies, don't care about the difference of a few hundred dollars, because the body itself is your biggest treasury. With it, you can continue to pay for the energy.









Sports bra fashion





In September 2004, British designer Stella McCartney collaborated with sports brand giant Adidas to produce the first women's sports performance clothing series designed by Stella. This cooperation was very successful, and the first series was welcomed by the market as soon as it was launched. It seemed to suddenly open a door to the fashion industry and aroused a strong response from the sportswear market.






Adidas by Stella McCartney clothing




The emergence of "Adidas by Stella McCartney" has allowed high-end designers to enter the formerly boring field of mass sportswear. It has triggered many interesting topics and attracted widespread attention from the market. So new sports bra brands have been released. The image of the bra has also undergone earth-shaking changes.




Some sports bras look and feel very similar to ordinary bras, and fully pay attention to the needs of femininity, even if they are worn daily. Some also use padding, which can better express the chest curve when giving enough support to the chest. No longer like the past, it is only by squeezing the chest to reduce its damage.






 Various sports bras in a department store, taken by the author in Tokyo




Some brands also take the latest scientific and technological achievements into consideration in their designs, such as designing sports bras that can be fitted with heart monitors. Such a small change increases the selling point, and it also makes the sports bra more closely related to sports. Other sports bras use newly invented mold cups suitable for sports, eliminating all stitches on the bra, making its lines more natural and smooth, and supporting more reliable. There is also a cushioned shoulder strap with shockproof function, which is suitable for higher intensity exercise.






"High-tech" sports bra with heart monitor




In addition, what makes women most delighted is the dramatic change in the color of sports bras. Traditional black or white still exists, but they have become somewhat boring in various sports bras named after fruits. Peach powder, lemon yellow, cherry red, apple green, etc., etc., are so bright and eye-catching, so people can't help but make people want to buy; and wearing such a sports bra appears in the park in the morning jog. , Going to the gym seems to be something to look forward to.






Which underwear should be in a woman's wardrobe?




So, on the surface, the appearance of "Adidas by Stella McCartney" has driven the trend of the entire sportswear fashion, but in fact, its contribution is far more than fashion. The number of people participating in sports because of their good-looking clothes is growing invisibly. This is the biggest contribution of this brand-good fashion can be regarded as a good way of life. Fashion is an attitude to life after all.